Data Standards

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Overview[edit | edit source]

According to, a data standard is “a technical specification that describes how data should be stored or exchanged for the consistent collection and interoperability of those data across different systems, sources, and users. Data standards are typically made up of discrete data standards ‘components.’" (

"Multiple components can be assembled together to describe a more comprehensive data standards ‘package’ and a system or initiative that defines a large but unified collection of components to be used and packaged together for a wide variety of purposes is referred to here as a data standards ‘framework.’” (

It can also be described as “a set of rules for the collection, management, and organization of educational data that allows multiple systems to share their information in a seamless, actionable way.” State Education Leadership Interoperability by SETDA

For more information about Data Standards in the P-20W+ space, more resources are available via the Data Standards Category link below.